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Pre-Marital Counseling

Building a Solid Foundation 

Pre-marital counseling offers you the opportunity to deepen your connection, address potential challenges, and set yourself up for a lifetime of love and harmony.

We believe that investing in your relationship before tying the knot is the best gift you can give to each other.

At Mind Mural Therapy, we approach pre-marital counseling using the SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts) assessment. Our mission is to guide you and your partner toward a relationship built on trust, understanding, and shared values.


The SYMBIS assessment is a powerful tool designed specifically for engaged couples, providing valuable insights into your relationship dynamics and areas of strength and growth. It covers essential topics such as communication styles, conflict resolution, family backgrounds, financial management, and intimacy. By exploring these key areas, we can help you identify potential areas of tension and equip you with the necessary skills to navigate them successfully.



Enhance Communication

Our pre-marital therapy sessions can help you:


Practice Conflict Management Skills


Navigate Differences


Build Trust and Intimacy


Establish Shared Goals


Cultivate a deeper understanding of each other


Your love story is unique, and it deserves the best possible start.

By investing in pre-marital counseling, you are proactively investing in your relationship's long-term success and happiness and we are here to support you every step of the way.

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